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Exportadora el Sol certifications Tara Gum, Tara Powder

Welcome to Foreign Domestic Chemicals

As the leading suppliers of Tara (Caesalpinea Spinosa), Foreign Domestic Chemicals and Exportadora El Sol have been supplying Tara products to manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, leather, cosmetic industries for over 66 years. We are proud of our long term relationships with many of our customers and suppliers. And we lead by example as shown by our decades long commitment to assure the increased availability and sustainability of the Tara tree  for future use by industry and  benefit to the  vast network of growers and collectors who depend on Tara for their families and villages.

Our experience and expertise assure our customers receive a consistent, high quality product at a competitive price that includes the outstanding service they deserve. You will always be satisfied with our Solgum Tara Gum in your food applications, with our Fitapor line for your tanning applications as well as with our other Tara products.


Tara Products