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Exportadora el Sol certifications TARA POWDER


tara powderTara Powder is the direct result of the grinding of the Tara Pods. Tara Powder is now mainly used in leather tanning but it is also a source for Gallic acid and its derivative products.

Our Fitapor is a lightfast tanning agent intended for the self-tannage or the retannage of the leather.  It is a vegetable tannin of the pyrogallic type and is produced from the pods of a Peruvian plant, the Tara or Cesalpinia Spinosa.  Fitapor is not an extract and contains some insolubles; however, our unique manufacturing process results in a very fine product with very small particle size that virtually eliminates any potential spotting problem.

Fitapor provides superior light fastness and its light/clean color allows for excellent dyeing results. Tara imparts fullness and results in leathers with tight/fine grain and excellent tact. These special benefits make Tara and our Fitapor specially useful in the production of automotive and upholstery leather.

We also supply a coarse ground Tara Powder for extraction applications for tannin and gallic acid and derivative products.

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